Hi, everyone!
My name's Pavel. I'm glad to introduce our website.
At present we've moved from Russia to SLOVENIA and provide services related to pargliding.

What we do:

  • - Provide Tandem Paragliding in different parts of Slovenia all year round
  • - Organize Paragliding Tours in Slovenia, Italy and other European countries
  • - Flight Support & Organization
  • - Flying Sites Guiding
  • - XC Guiding
  • - Provide Coaching for pilots who wish to learn to fly cross-country
  • - We service individuals and groups (small and big ones) as well as paragliding clubs and schools
  • - Transfers and Transport Services
  • - We work for you and strive to provide the services which would bring joy and good memories

What we DON'T do:

  • - Do not provide services at the expense of safety
  • - Do not dissapoint our clients

A few words about myself...
I first learnt about paragliding quite late, in 2009. And frankly speaking, it was not a love at first sigh. Only after my first self-made flight I realized how fantastic it is. I could do nothing but paragliding. I've been actively paragliding and have over 1600 hours in air by now (only XC and competition flights, I don't count tandem flights).

Paraglider changed my life and turned me from an office employee to a sky-mad person keen for paragliding. I first participated in paragliding competition in early 2013 and up to now took part in 50 different-level comps including Paragliding World Cups and European Championship. At the moment I'm Russian National Paragliding Team member and have solo and tandem pilot license highest qualification level - ParaPro-5. As well I have a title of Master of Sports of Russia.

Russian Cup - Selective Final 2016 (Chegem, Russia)
3 place
​Dmitriy Maslennikov Cup 2014
​2 place
​Dmitriy Maslennikov Cup 2013
​​1 place
​​Indian Pre World Cup — Bir Billing 2013 (Bir, India)​
​​2 place (​Sport Class)
​​Pre World Cup Parang Open 2013 (Parang, Romania)​
​2 place (​Sport Class)
​​Soca Open Valley 2013 (Tolmin, Slovenia)
3 place (​Sport Class)
Competition results:

1. 2013 Nepal Open Cup (Nepal, Pokhara)
2. 2013 Soca Open Valley (Slovenia, Tolmin)
3. 2013 Open Championship of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
4. 2013 Pre PWC Moldova Open Paragliding Championship (Moldova, Rogi)
5. 2013 Pre PWC Cameli (Turkey, Cameli)
6. 2013 Czech, Slovak and Lithuanian Championships (Slovenia, Tolmin)
7. 2013 Ukrainian & Bulgarian Open (Bulgaria, Sopot)
8. 2013 Pre PWC Parang Open (Romania, Parang)
9. 2013 Pre PWC Ali Dagi Open (Turkey, Kaiseri)
10. 2013 Pre PWC International Championship and Himalayan Open Paragliding Championship (India, Bir Billing)
11. 2014 Roldanillo Pre World Championship and Colombian Open (Colombia, Roldanillo)
12. 2014 Nepal Open Cup (Nepal, Pokhara)
13. 2014 Paragliding Winter Cup (Slovenia, Nova Gorica)
14. 2014 Paragpiding World Cup, Coeur de Savoie France (France, Chamousset)
15. 2014 Paragliding World Cup - Krushevo (Macedonia, Krushevo)
16. 2014 Slovenia, Croatia, B&H, Serbia National Open Championship (Serbia, Kopaonik)
17. 13th FAI Europian Paragliding Championship, 2014 (Serbia, Kopaonik)
18. 2015 Paragliding Winter Cup (Slovenia, Nova Gorica)
19. 2015 Trofeo Montegrappa (Italy, Borso del Grappa)
20. 2015 15th Ratitovec Open (Slovenia, Zelezniki) 
21. 2015 10th Liga Adrenalin (Slovenia, Kobarid)
22. 2015 Slovenian Serbian National Open (Slovenia, Lijak)
23. 2015 Nordic Open (Italy, Gemona)
24. 2015 Serial Cup (Slovenia, Tolmin)
25. 2015 Trofeo Tre Pizzi (Italy, Esanatoglia)
26. 2015 Paragliding World Cup - India (India, Bir-Billing)
27. 2016 Karavanke Open (Slovenia, Preddvor)
28. 2016 Cornizzolo Cup - Italian Paragliding Open (Italy, Suello)
29. 2016 3rd Alpen Cup (Auatria, Greifenburg)
30. 2016 11. Liga ADRENALIN (Slovenia, Kobarid)
31. 2016 16. Ratitovec Open (Slovenia, Zelezniki)
32. 2016 Pre-World - XXXIII Guarnieri International Trophy (Italy, Feltre)
33. 2016 Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Macedonia Open (Macedonia, Krushevo)
34. 2016 Trofeo Tre Pizzi (Italy, Esanatoglia)
35. 2016 Paragpiding World Cup - France (France, Saint-Andre-Les-Alpes)
36. 2016 Serial Cup (Slovenia, Tolmin)
37. 2016 Russian Cup - Selective Final (Russia, Chegem)
38. 2017 Paragliding Winter Cup (Slovenia, Nova Gorica)
39. 2017 Trofeo Montegrappa (Italy, Borsso del Grappa)
40. 2017 Soca Open Valley (Slovenia, Tolmin)
41. 2017 Paragliding World Cup - France (France, Coure de Savoie)
42. 2017 20th Int. Schmittenpokal, Austrian Championship (Austria, Zell am See)
43. 2017 Alpe-Adria-Cup 2017 / Carinthian Championship (Austria, Seeboden)
44. 2017 Paragliding World Cup - Serbia (Serbia, Nis)
45. 2017 Italian Open (Italy, Gemona)
46. 2017 Slovenian&Hungarian&Lithuanian Open (Slovenia. Zelezniki)
47. 2017 Paragliding World Cup - Switzerland (Switzerland, Disentis)
48. 2017 Serial Cup (Slovenia, Tolmin)
49. 2017 German Open (Slovenia, Tolmin)
50. 2017 Russian Open Cup (Russia, Chegem)

Personal R​​ecords:
Longest Flight​9 hours 12 min
​Best XC Distance218 km
Altitude Height Record4891 m ASL
​Total Distance​more than 10 000 km
Position in the ranking:
- in TOP 5 among Russian pilots
position in world FAI ranking

Pavel Titov,
Pilot XC, Tandem-master, Master of Sport of Russia