We offer our services for those who want to touch the sky and enjoy a free flight and for those who are "sky-sick" like us.

We are based in SLOVENIA and offer:

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Panoramic Tandem Flights

Flight duration is 7-40 minutes depending on weather conditions and exact takeoff. It is recommended for those who paraglide for the first time. During the flight you`ll enjoy fascinating panoramic bird`s eye views.

Cross Country

Flight duration is over 1 hour. It is recommended for those who has already had paragliding experience and wants to travel in the 3 dimensions covering substantial distance by using only solar and wind power. We will climb to the clouds and fly cross-country....

Hike and Fly

It is recommened for those who like outdoor sports activity who want first hike to the takeoff and then enjoy a free flight experience. Flight duration is 15-30 minutes depending on weather conditions and exact takeoff.

Flights Support & Organization


Our microbus which is fit for 7 passengers and has spacious luggage area is at your disposal.

We provide transfers to/from airports, paragliding takeoffs, retrieves, trips to points of interest in Slovenia.


Guiding and coaching for groups and individuals who want to learn XC paragliding and improve their paragliding skills.

Photo and Video of your Tandem Paragliding Flight

Finding and booking accommodation in Slovenia

Insightful and entertaining activities and trips in Slovenia (for non-pilots, or in case of bad weather).

Paragliding Tours

    Paragliding in Slovenia is GREAT!