Tandem Paragliding

We offer tandem paragliding all year round in different parts of Slovenia. Paragliding in tandem with instructor is very simple, safe and very exciting. Everything you need is an experienced tandem pilot, modern certified equipment, favourable weather and your readiness for vivid emotions, new experience and unforgettable memories. Once in the sky, you`ll always look at it with a different eye. You do not need any special training.

Panoramic Tandem Flights

Flight duration is 7-40 minutes depending on weather conditions and exact takeoff. It is recommended for those who paraglide for the first time. During the flight you`ll enjoy fascinating panoramic bird`s eye views.

Cross Country

Flight duration is over 1 hour. It is recommended for those who has already had paragliding experience and wants to travel in the 3 dimensions covering substantial distance by using only solar and wind power. We will climb to the clouds and fly cross-country....

Hike and Fly

It is recommened for those who like outdoor sports activity who want first hike to the takeoff and then enjoy a free flight experience. Flight duration is 15-30 minutes depending on weather conditions and exact takeoff.

Sometimes it is worth doing something you've never done before - to overcome your fear, to look upon the world with a bird's eye, to taste freedom and to listen to the wind. Let your dream come true.

How everything happens
1. You book your flight for a certain date by any method convinient for you.

In the morning or on the eve of your flight date we will call you back to confirm. We may also cancel your flight subject to weather conditions on that day. In this case we will re-schedule the flight to other date convinient for you.

We request your understanding and taking into account that your reservation does not 100% guarantee that you will have a paragliding flight on this date because paragliding highly depends on favourable weather conditions.That is why we recommend you not to hesitate and postpone till the last day of your Slovenian holidays but plan your paragliding experience beforehand to catch good weather.

2. On the date of your flight we meet you at a meeting point and go to takeoff.

3. At the takeoff the tandem pilot will prepare equipment, give you instructions regarding takeoff, flight and landing and helps you to put on the passenger's harness. Now we are ready for takeoff!

4. And then that unforgettable experience which required all these careful preparations begins...takeoff, gliding and finally a soft landing. No point to describe it: experincing the thrill of takeoff and joy of a free flight once better than hearing twice.

Our prices
Price for tandem flight depends on the type of flight you chose and exact takeoff and it starts from 110 Euro (panoramic flight from Vogar)
You may additionally order photo-video of your flight (+20 Euro) in Full HD format (we use GoPro 5 camera). Of course, you are free to use your own camera.

Gift Voucher
You can give your friends and beloved a unique gift - a tandem paraglider flight. Order Gift Voucher now.

What to wear for the flight:
- Trekking boots or sport shoes
- Sport jacket
- Convinient trousers
- Sunglasses are highly recommended
- In winter and for Cross Country flights it is highly recommended to wear warmer, ideally wind-proof clothes and gloves