Medium Panoramic Flight


Panoramic flight with a magnificent view of Lake Bohinj. Takeoff Studor are located in the northeastern part of the lake. The height difference between takeoff and landing is about 500 meters. The flight time is 15 to 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions. Usually we fly from Studor takeoff at the evening time as at that time wind can changed to be proper for this takeoff.

Seasonality: March – October (actually we just need to have a road to takeoff free from a snow)-
Service time: from 12:00 to 19:00
Takeoff place: mount Studor
Takeoff height: 990 meters ASL (above sea level)
Landing place: On the eastern shore of the Bohinj lake (just close to parking)
Landing height: 530 meters ASL (above sea level)
Height difference: 460 meters
to the Takeoff:
Minivan (20-25 min) plus walking (10-15 min)
Total time
for the adventure:
around 1,5 hours (from meeting till parting moment)
Time in the air: 15-20 minutes
Price: 150 EUR/person



Stara Fuzina 3. Parking place just close to the landing zone.

OPTIONALLY - possibility of Photo/Video during the flight (more than 100 pictures and couple of video), at the end of the flight you will get micro SD card. Price – 30 euro

DISCOUNT 20% for ANY NEXT Flight if the person have already flew with ParaTrip Tandem Paragliding before.